Hi, I’m Vincent, author of “How Audio Works”

Why did I write this book?

Simple: I had no idea what was going on in the world of audio when I started, so I figured I would take some notes along the way. These notes accumulated, and since I have “Write a book” as a bucketlist.org item, I put 1 and 1 together and started to write the damn thing.

Yes, writing a book is hard. It takes a lot of energy and dedication, especially a technical book like this one: you have to understand and fact check every little detail! But I did enjoy it, mostly.

Who am I to dare writing such a technical book?

A Grammy winner? A renowned mix engineer? One of those guys that get interviewed by soundonsound.com?


I am a music enthousiast. I sang in different choirs and vocal ensembles; I play multiple instruments; I watch tons of music theory videos on YouTube (check out Adam Neely, he’s awesome).

For my defense, I am in fact a physicist (with a PhD, no less), and I am a professional certified business trainer – I have my own company (in French). Does this make me more legit?

I just love music. I play drums in the Kensington Station Blues Band and I did a couple of mix competitions in the past, for fun. I’m telling myself I should do these more often but available time is what it is: short. I even wrote and performed something like an EP; it’s pretty bad but you have to own up to it, right?

I recently got interviewed by Brian on his Music Production Podcast.

Anyhoo. I hope that you will have fun going through the material.

If you have questions or comments, email me.

Take care,