Appendix B. Units

The International System of units (SI) is founded on base 10 calculations. Not because we hate imperials; just because we have 10 fingers.

Here is a short list of the names covering the powers of ten used in this book.

Name Abbreviation Scientific format Decimal value Example
micro µ 10-6 0,000001 1 µPa = 0,000001 Pa
milli m 10-3 0,001 1 mV = 0,001 V
deci d 10-1 0,1 1dB = 0,1 B
kilo k 103 1000 1 kHz = 1000 Hz

Table 12 Common Powers of 10

Here are the basic units used in this book.

Name Abbr. SI equivalent Measured value Example
Ampère A A Electric current US toaster: 12,5 A
Bel B Sound intensity ratio Human hearing threshold: 0 dB
Celsius °C °C Temperature Absolute zero: -273,15 °C
Fahrenheit °F 1.8 °C + 32 Temperature Normal body temperature: 98.6 °F
Foot ft. 0.3048 m Length, distance Height of basketball rim: 10 ft.
Hertz Hz 1 / s Frequency Middle C on a piano: 261.6 Hz
Inch In. 0.0254 m Length, distance One foot is 12 inches
Ohm kg m2 / s3 / A2 Resistance, impedance Copper wire 5 m long 2 mm2 section: 0,04 Ω
Meter m m Length, distance Long jump world record: 8.95 m
Pascal Pa kg / m / s2 Pressure Atmospheric pressure: 1.01 kPa
Volt V kg m2 / s3 / A Electric potential Nerve cell resting potential: 75 mV

Table 13 Units Used in Audio Basics


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