Appendix B. Units The International System of units (SI) is founded on base 10 calculations. Not because we hate imperials; just because we have 10 fingers. Here is a short list of the names covering the powers of ten used in this book. Name Abbreviation Scientific format Decimal value Example micro ยต 10-6 0,000001 1 … Read moreUnits

List of Sources

Appendix A. List of Sources [1] Ethan Winer, The Audio Expert.: Elsevier Inc., 2012. [2] Bobby Owsinski, The Recording Engineer’s Handbook.: Course Technology, 2009. [3] Steven W. Smith, The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Processing. San Diego: California Technical Publishing, 1998. [4] Don Davis, Eugene Patronis, and Pat Brown, Sound System Engineering, 4th ed. … Read moreList of Sources

Conclusion to “How Audio Works”

Conclusion So here we are. What a journey. The plucked string has taken us through physics, electronics, computers, music, digital signal processing, acoustics, biology and psychology! This is probably why audio is so fascinating: I would never have guessed the richness of the information I would find when I decided to write this book. I … Read moreConclusion to “How Audio Works”