Human Hearing

Chapter 4. From Digital Audio to Analog Sound 4.4. Human Hearing Sound is coming out of our speakers in our now well treated room. We know it does because our volume meter is pumping up and down. But why do we hear this sound? How is it possible that simple pressure changes in the air can … Read moreHuman Hearing


Chapter 4. From Digital Audio to Analog Sound 4.3. Acoustics We now have speakers to recreate airwaves from the transduced signal coming out of the DAW. Awesome. We are sitting in our room, listening, and it sounds awful. Why? Because the sound interacts with the room walls, ceiling and floor, creating interferences and all sorts of … Read moreAcoustics


Chapter 4. From Digital Audio to Analog Sound 4.2. Speakers Now that the signal is back in the green analog domain of  in the form of electrical voltages, we can get some air molecules to move by placing another set of electro-acoustic transducers in the signal path: speakers. How do speakers work? Speakers are essentially plastic … Read moreSpeakers

Digital to Analog Converter

Chapter 4. From Digital Audio to Analog Sound 4.1. Digital to Analog Converter Here we are. Our trip comes to an end. The recorded sound travelled first through a microphone membrane to generate electrical impulses, then through various cables and electronic components, into a converter to transform the analog signal into a digital signal so that … Read moreDigital to Analog Converter