Chapter 3. In the Digital Domain 3.4. MIDI What is MIDI? We take a small detour from our signal path. So far, the sound has been produced and recorded in the DAW. It might have been processed, changed, altered, or modified. Or not. But what if you want to add another instrument? Say that you … Read moreMIDI

Digital Audio Workstation

Chapter 3. In the Digital Domain 3.3. Digital Audio Workstation What is a digital audio workstation? The Digital Audio WorkstationĀ (DAW) is the brain of the audio system: it stores the digitized sound; it feeds information to software plugins for digital processing; it then feeds bit music to the DA converter to transform the processed digital … Read moreDigital Audio Workstation

Audio Interface

Chapter 3. In the Digital Domain 3.2. Audio Interface Now that we have converted our signal into discrete (separate) bits of binary information, we are ready to start playing with it, right? Right – but where does this conversion physically happen? Where is the AD converter? That is where the audio interface comes in (if … Read moreAudio Interface

Analog to Digital Converter

Chapter 3. In the Digital Domain 3.1. Analog to Digital Converter Our signal is about to enter the magical realm of digital information. A lot of the concepts we will see in the coming pages are applicable to video because, in fact, what audio does with sound, video does with images: capture analog information and … Read moreAnalog to Digital Converter