How Audio Works Q&A

How Audio Works Q&A

Chapter 1. Physical Sound

What are sound waves?

How do we represent sound waves?

What is a wavelength?

What are frequencies?

What is the decibel scale?

What does switching polarity mean?

What does “checking the phase” mean?

What is a harmonic?

What is an octave?

Chapter 2. From Analog Sound to Digital Audio

What does analog mean?

Why do we need transducers?

What is a signal chain?

Why do I need a signal chain?

What is audio engineering’s job?

What is a microphone?

How does a microphone work?

What is phantom power?

How do we categorize condenser microphones?

What is a pickup pattern?

What do the different patterns do?

Why do I need different patterns?

I want to buy a microphone, help me!

Why do I care about microphone placement?

What is impedance?

HiZ, LowZ: what is that about?

Why is impedance important?

Why do I care about cables?

Balanced and unbalanced cables: what are they?

What is a microphone preamplifier?

How does a preamp work?

How do we categorize preamps?

I want to buy a preamp, help me!

What are effects: how do they help me?

What does coloring sound mean?

What is a gate?

How do you reduce a signal’s intensity?

When do I use a gate?

What is a compressor?

What does “dynamic range” mean?

How does a compressor work?

What is a transient?

How does a transient shaper work?

What is distortion?

Are distortion, fuzz and overdrive the same?

What is an equalizer?

What are pass, shelf and band filters?

What is a first order filter?

How do I use an equalizer?

What is a phaser?

How does a phaser work?

What is a delay?

How does a delay work?

What is reverb?

What is RT60?

What are the different types of reverbs?

What parameters does a reverb use?

What is outboard gear?

Should I use outboard gear?

Chapter 3. In The Digital Domain

How do I record the sound I captured?

What is an analog to digital converter?

What does sampling mean?

Aliasing, jitter: what are they?

What is an audio interface?

I want to buy an audio interface, help me!

What is a digital audio workstation (DAW)?

I want to buy a DAW, help me!

How do I work with a DAW?

What is the bit depth?

What is the dynamic range?

What does 0 dB FS mean?

What is audio bandwidth?

What does MP3 mean?

What is latency?

Why do I care about latency?

What is MIDI?

How do I use MIDI?

Chapter 4. From Digital Audio to Analog Sound

Why do we need a DA converter?

How do speakers work?

What kind of speakers or headphones do audio engineers use?

I want to buy good monitors, help me!

Why do I care about sound reflection?

Why do people say that bass frequencies build up in corners?

What is a room mode?

Which of my room modes has the lowest frequency?

Why do I care about room modes?

What is the Davis frequency?

What is the sweet spot?

How does absorption work?

How do I get rid of unwanted reflections?

I am short on resources; how do I get rid of reflections?

How does human hearing work?

How does sound information get to the brain?

How does our brain process the information?

What is the Fletcher-Munson effect?