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No need to read 400 pages of audio jargon. With "How Audio Works", you get the essential in less than 100 pages.
From the vibrating string to the sound in your ears, and all the technical stuff in between.

Are you a musician who wants to understand the engineering behind the music?

A hobbyist who wants to start recording your songs?

A music lover who wants to understand why certain records sound the way they do?

An audio engineer who wants to make sure they can nail the basic technicalities of their craft?

Or simply someone eager to learn the basics of audio engineering?

If you answer "Yes!" to any of those questions, this book is for you.

"How Audio Works" gives you all the tools to understand the basics of audio engineering, and come out more informed and better prepared.

  • Just the right stuff to put you on the right path

  • Including comparisons of the most important equipment and software

  • Original figures to help figure out what is going on

  • Equations, a list of sources, a 3-page glossary

Want a hard copy? A PDF file? Maybe read with a Kindle? Or read it for free?